5 Questions

with Thérèse Ahlbeck, director of Lost in Stångby




1.Lost in Stångby - is it possible to wind up lost in Stångby? Stångby doesn't seem to be that big.


Oh, it´s possible. Believe me. I´ve been there.

The interesting part is that you can actually see the city of Lund (5 min from Stångby) from almost every angle of Stangby. But somehow, when you're lost, the road you are on, seem to have a peculiar way of just not wanting to show up on your gps-map.



2.From where did you get the idea?


By own experience. And thinking about what it would be like if the person being lost really needed some new perspectives on life. What kind of person could that be and what could he be exposed to. The story grew from that.



3.Did it take long to write the script?


The actual writing process took about a month of collaboration. But the process of thinking it up probably took a bit longer.



4.Was it hard to get a celebrity like Mr Loa Falkman to join the project?


We have worked together before in the short “Platform #2” and I knew the story is of utter importance to him, especially regarding character development. And joyfully he liked the script! I´ve pictured him for the part as Lars since day one so I was very happy when he said yes.



5.What will be your next project?


I’m in the process of developing a feature comedy. And hopefully we can also get the fundings to make “Lost in Stångby” a feature. Stay tuned.


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