The Actors

Loa Falkman is one of Sweden’s most famous and beloved artists. As an operasinger he has performed on most of the international big scenes, from Paris to the NY Metropolitan. On the big screen he won a swedish Guldbagge for best male-lead for his part in Susanne Bier’s ”Pensionat Oskar”. ”Lost in Stångby” is Loa’s second short-film ever. The first one was ”Platform #2”, which was also written and directed by Therese Ahlbeck .

A little known fact is that in 2000 Loa played the lead-role together with 4 puppets(!) in the Eurovision Song Contest tribute-film for ABBA. (see the film)



Bengt CW Carlsson comes from the same area as director Therese Ahlbeck, Kristianstad that is. He has been a frequent actor since the early 70’s and has played at Kalmar Länsteater as well as the royal dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, ”Dramaten”. Bengt is actually higher rated on the Imdb-star-meter than Loa Falkman. This is due to his part in David Fincher’s ”The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. In 2013 Bengt was nominated for a Guldbagge for his part in ”Lycka till och ta hand om varandra”

Marianne Mörck is just like Loa Falkman a very beloved artist, mostly known for her singing and comic timing which makes her a perfect Lina Lamont in Singin in the rain. But she has also performed more serious roles such as Carmen and as Fina-Kajsa in Bjorn and Benny’s musical ”Kristina from Duvemåla”. For people outside of Sweden Marianne is most known for ”Ebba” in the swedish Wallander-series.


Li Brådhe is part of Malmö Stadsteater ensemble where she during the winter of 13/14 performed in the pulitzer prized play ”Love Letters” by AR Gurney.

During the early 80’s Li took her place in the so called swedish film-elite when she did several lead-roles for swedish directing legends such as Bo Widerberg and Lars Mohlin. Li Brådhe is one of those actors who deserves to be rediscovered!



Oscar Töringe belongs to Stockholm Stadsteater but originates from Lund. Director Therese Ahlbeck and Oscar had long talked about collaborating when this project finally showed up. ”Lost in Stångby” is one of Oscar’s first filmroles, but hardly the last.


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Drawings by John Schütte. All stills by Peo Olsson.

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Martin Larsson is first and foremost a screenwriter (”Starke man”, ”Stormen”) and director, and didn’t have a clue that Therese Ahlbeck would want him for the part as a train-conductor in ”Lost in Stångby”. But as he was finally convinced, we here by introduce a new bransch for Martin to follow.

Apart from ”Lost in Stångby” Martin has recently finished his work with his own film, ”The Nurse”.